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Every business needs the best inventory software for them. but if the best is more complex ? ?
The answer for that question is "aestric". It is the best one for inventory as well as less complex. The best one for your business with user friendly features.
When we talk about user interface in computing, we are referring to "how a software or system represents itself to it's user".
Here is the next revolution of UI. aestric.
Current inventory softwares are deppending up on the old generation printing methodology.
But aestric introduce the upgraded technique, the new generation Hi speed printing with customization. That support all printers.
The Business needs not only the simple reports or the complex one. The reports should be simple as well as needful.
aestric have a huge collection of reports within it. So your business will be in your hand, safe and profitable.



  • Produt Registration
  • Staff Registration
  • Supplier Registration
  • Customer Registration


  • Purchase Entry
  • Purchase Modify
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Return
  • Sales Entry
  • Sales Modification
  • Sales Return
  • Damage Entry
  • Estimate Bill


  • Expense Voucher
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt Voucher


  • Purchase Report
  • Purchase Return Report
  • Sales Report
  • Sales Return Report
  • Expense Voucher Report
  • Payment Voucher Report
  • Receipt Voucher Report


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